A human obsessed millennial turns her passion into a career

Hello, I'm Carina—a UX Designer and Photographer with a background in Environmental Science and Media Studies, who is obsessed with humans, not to mention oat milk lattes, biking, and spending time outdoors.

I love to ideate, create and collaborate and see challenges as opportunities to grow; I live by the philosophy progress over perfection.

As a User Experience Designer...

It's my mission to improve the interweb for the Jills and Joes of the world, one site at a time. Keeping clients' objectives in mind, I ensure apps and websites are designed to help users accomplish their goals in a straightforward manner. Fluid experiences equals happy users and better business—a two-way hooray! 

As a Photographer...

I specialize in photographing people, be it portraits or events. Not only do I love connecting with individuals to best capture their unique personalities and relationships, but I also enjoy being a fly on the wall as I freeze special moments without interruption.

Image by Annie Tran

Image by Annie Tran